Family of imprisoned student being subjected to emotional torture by regime

Majid Dari, suspended student, sent an open letter from his prison cell partially directed to the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights, claiming that his family was being subjected to harsh emotional torture by the regime. Majid was arrested three years ago and has not been allowed even one day of furlough. This past weekend, Majid was supposed to have received a furlough to attend his brother’s wedding, but despite promises by the court and payment of bail, at the last moment the Prosecutor General refused to sign the furlough form. Majid Deri, who is imprisoned in exile in Behbehan Prison, wrote in his letter, “Mr. Ahmed Shaheed, I am a living example of violation of human rights, and anyone who claims that we are treated according to the rules is lying. Come and see Behbehan Prison, which has become my place of exile. My family is being severely harassed and emotionally tortured.

Source: Iran Daily Brief

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