Father of female political prisoner says daughter in poor condition in Qarchak Prison

May 12, 2011

Shabnam Madadzadeh, the political secretary of the Student Association of the Teacher Training University in Tehran has been transferred to Qarchak Prison in Damavand with a large number of other female political prisoners who were detained in Rajayi Shahr Prison in Karaj.

Shabnam was arrested on February 20, 2009 along with her brother Farzad. She was severely physically and mentally tortured during her detention to accept the charge of ‘communicating and cooperating with the PMOI’. On February 9, 2010, Shabnam and her brother were sentenced to five years of prison to be spent in Rajayi Shahr Prison in Karaj by the 28th branch of the Revolutionary Court headed by Judge Mohammad Moqiseh. They were charged with ‘enmity with God and acting against national security’.

Shabnam’s poor mental condition and the many hardships her family has endured in less than one month led us have a friendly talk with Shabnam and Farzad’s father…


The hardships the daughter endures in Qarchak Prison is reflected in the father’s voice. His loved one told her a few days ago over the phone that she would not come out of prison alive…

Shabnam’s father: “The condition of Shabnam and other prisoners transferred to Varamin with her is very poor. I talked to her today over the phone for one minute this morning. Her mental condition is not good. How could someone be in high spirits under such conditions… That place is a torture center. Their condition is very poor. They have no drinking water. The drinking water that they have is salty. They are only given one piece of bread for food. They have no prison store. They are kept in a warehouse… Her sister was able to see her for 8 minutes yesterday in prison and she also said that she was in a poor mental condition”. (Daneshju News – May 10, 2011)



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