Father of labour activist arrested in Shiraz

Iranian security forces have arrested the father of labour activist Seyed Hadi Daneshyar.

According to the Committee of Human Rights Reporters, the forces entered the home of Daneshyar in the southern city of Shiraz last week. Unable to find the 38-year-old, they detained his father and confiscated a number of personal items and books from their home.

Daneshyar’s father was reportedly allowed to contact the family a day after his arrest to inform them of his transfer to Shiraz’s Adel-Abad Prison.

Seyed Hadi Daneshyar had previously been sentenced to three years in prison for charges of propaganda and collusion against the political system and in favour of anti-regime groups, and taking part in “illegal” labour demonstrations in Shiraz four years ago.

Source: Iran Green Voice

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