Father of political prisoner on hunger strike Kamal Sharifi: I am completely unaware of my son’s condition; the judge has told me to let him die

Mojtaba Samienejad: Sharifi was arrested in 2007 for collaborating with the Kurdistan Democratic Party and was convicted of Moharebeh (waging war against God).  He was sentenced to 30 years of imprisonment in exile and a ban on prison visits during his incarceration.

He has been sent to exile in a Prison in Hormozgan located in Southern Iran. He has gone on hunger strike in order to request a meeting with the judge and to protest the inappropriate prison conditions and being held in the same cell as dangerous criminals.

His father Bayazid Sharifi told the Human Rights House of Iran that they have been denied prison visits for the past 4 years and the last time he contacted them was 45 days ago.

His father added that he does not have any information regarding his condition and one of Kamal’s friends has informed them about the hunger strike. In the recent days, the family has also been informed that he is in critical condition.

According to his father, they are currently awaiting the appeals court decision regarding the case.

Sharifi has referred to the Sanandaj Revolutionary Court recently and has met with the head of the Sanadaj Revolutionary Court Mr. Shayegh who had issued the sentence. He has requested a prison visit with his son in order to ask him to end his hunger strike but the judge had told him that “there is no need to see him; let him die.”

His father added that in his last telephone call, Kamal had told them that the prison conditions were poor. He wanted to be in a more appropriate place since he is currently being held in prison along with dangerous criminals. He had told them that he wants to be tried in a just court in order to ask the judge why he has to be imprisoned in such conditions.



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