Four journalists arrested by Iranian authorities


In a new wave of arrests, the Islamic Republic has detained four journalists, the opposition website Kaleme reports.

Ali Akarami and Mehdi Afsharnik were arrested at their homes, and Mohmmad Heydari, another journalist, and Mohsen Hakimi, an internet expert and media activist, were arrested a few hours later.

Ali Akarami had an earlier arrest six years ago, when he was detained as part of a crackdown on members of the Freedom Movement of Iran political party.

Mehdi Afsharnik, a reporter for Etelmad daily, took part in the presidential campaign of opposition leader Mehdi Karroubi.

Mohammad Heydari is a prominent nationalist-religious activist and has collaborated with several reformist newspapers.

Mohsen Hakimi is also a Freedom Movement activist and was also arrested in 2009 in the post-election protests that sprang up over allegations of fraud in Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s victory.

Reporters Without Borders reported recently that, in 2009, more than 200 Iranian journalists and bloggers were arrested and incarcerated in Iran. The group has referred to Iran as the biggest jail for journalists in the Middle East. Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad have been referred to as the greatest enemies of a free press.



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