Four People, Among Them Possibly One Woman, Were Hanged in Southeastern Iran

Iran Human Rights – A total of four people charged with drug trafficking have been hanged in Rafsanjan and Jiroft prisons (both located in the Kerman province, southeastern Iran), according to a report by the Iranian state-run media news agency ISNA.

The report said that two of those executed, who were hanged at Jiroft prison, had their execution sentences issued by the Jiroft Revolutionary Court. Abbas. A. was charged with, drug trafficking, the possession of 16.3 kilograms of opium, and committing multiple drug offences. Ali B. was charged with drug trafficking and the possession of 33.76 kilograms of crack.

The other two, who were hanged at Rafsanjan prison, had their execution sentences issued by the Rafsanjan Revolutionary Court, according to the report. Khodadad M. was charged with drug trafficking 396 kilograms of opium and 156.5 kilograms of morphine. Begam. N (possibly a woman), was charged with drug trafficking 555 grams of heroine.

The report said that all four executions were carried out “after the confirmation of the Iranian Attorney-General,” the position currently held by Gholamhossein Mohseni Eje’i.

The Kerman Judiciary, referring to the possibility of getting the sentences reduced to a prison term, announced that the authorities had made the decision to reject the options of amnesty and pardon for these four recently executed people.

Information about their ages and the exact date and time of the executions was not published by ISNA, but it is believed that they were executed sometime in the last few days.



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