Hajar Chenarani: Elected representative of Neyshabour and Takht-e Jolge

The bio of elected IRGC’s military representatives in 10th Islamic Parliament; A Basij Commander and member of the Halghe-ye Salehin (Righteous Ring)

Hajar Chenarani

Iran Briefing:  The end of the first and second round of the parliamentary elections finally determined the left parliamentary seats of the cities across the country. Accreditations of all the elected representatives of the parliament were approved without any objection and the representatives started choosing the members of specialized committees.Hajar Chenarani

Among them, Hajar chenarani, an elected woman from Neyshabour constituency has hit the headlines of the tenth parliament news. Chenarani has made herself as a controversial member in National Security Commission and Foreign Policy.

Mentioning she is still a particular commander of Corps of Salehin (Righteous), the representative of Neyshabour in Tenth Parliament said: “None of the Tenth Parliament women has had a background and security activity as I do.” Her remarks were denied by the users of Neyshabour on social networks.

The Neyshabouri users of social networks wrote that she has demanded for the Commission of Budget during her election campaign, however she brought excuses saying: “ Surly the disputes on my presence in the National Security Commission and Foreign Policy of the Parliament will be resolved  in a few days. From the first day being elected as a representative of Neyshabour in the Tenth parliament, all my effort and interest was attending the National Security Commission and the Foreign Policy of the Parliament; of course I was prepared to attend other commission and work there if the conditions were not prepared.”

Neyshabour city has two representatives in the Parliament. In the Tenth parliamentary elections, doctor “Garmabi” a reformist candidate and Chenarani, a conservative candidate who was introduced as an independent candidate won the election. Before starting the parliament, Hajar Chenarani was seen in the courtyard of the Parliament consulting and requesting the representatives to participate in the Plan and Budget Commission.

Making a political bluff to the reformist representatives of the parliament, she said that in case of cooperation, she will vote Aref for the presidency of the parliament. As long as the Omid coalition had introduced only one candidate for Neyshabour, people tried to vote for an individual independent that had fewer disputes in order to prevent the right wing extremists to be elected for the parliament.

Indeed people voted for Chenarani to prevent some candidates from being elected; such as Sobhani Nia -the board member of Ninth Parliament- Marvi and Hosseini who all of them were the past extremists representatives of the parliament and from conservative wing. In this regards Chenarani says: “ I might not be the best of the candidates of Neyshabour for the Tenth Parliament, but people voted for me and relied on me and here is the meaning of democracy.”

Chenarani, the representative of Neyshabour who is now “the only female representative” of the National Security Commission and Foreign Policy of the Tenth Parliament, mentioned the disputes on her being elected as a member of the Commission, saying that it is not fair to elect just those who studied courses such as “Political Science” and “International Affairs” for the Foreign Policy and National Security Commission of Parliament: “ We cannot limit the presence of the representatives in various commissions only based on their education as there might be another representative with different educational levels, especially in those particular fields, having admirable and elegant attitudes.”

She pointed out her expertise in Middle East Pathology and also her PhD in Sociology, saying:” I am not supposed to represent my resume to the all individuals but the person who has decided about my presence in the National Security Commission and Foreign Policy had known all the required points and also during the one minute I had to defend myself, I said all the necessary points and the representatives voted for me to be at the National Security Commission and Foreign Policy.”

20 years of being a Mobilization Commander

Chenarani was born on April 21, 1978; she is one of a martyr’s daughters of the Iran-Iraq war and she gained her master degree in Sociology from “Al Zahra” University. In her work experience she has mentioned that coincide with studying at the university, she has worked as a “staff expert of Martyrs and Veterans Affairs at Al-Zahra University”.

Following the criticisms about her membership in the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Chenarani mentioned in an interview with reporters about her “20-year history of Mobilization Commander” saying: “We have 15 million female Basiji across the country and as you know the Mobilization ( Basij) has a great importance in terms of security.”

Pointing out that the beginning and the end of the world is not decided in a Commission, she added: “The view that suggests the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission is the most important and influential parliamentary commission and other commissions are useless is a wrong and misguided point of view; as the representatives can achieve their defined purposes in any commissions if they define their goals.” 


“I am not a feminist”

The “expert staff of presidential trips” said in another part of her interview: “I’m not a feminist woman and I value the women until they keep the foundation of the family.” “I believe in family bonds, not just validity of the women.” She continued.

She pointed out conflicting news about the decision of Fraction of Women and Families about some issues such as the presence of women in stadiums and said:” I believe as long as the presence of women in the stadiums has not been cultured we cannot raise these issues; I have not seen such situation in Fraction of Women and Families in the tenth parliament so far but if the members have such views certainly I would not be a fan of that.”

Previous to this, there has not been any news or more information about Hajar Chenarani as an independent candidate of Neyshabour constituency engaging in the election except a few posters and some short promotional videos, however after the election held on February 25, and winning the election, her personal weblog and Wikipedia page has been activated publishing her activities.

During the election, Hajar Chenarani earned 75,384 votes out of 238,711 votes of Nishabour and Takht-e Jolgeh people and was elected for the tenth Parliament through deceiving public opinion and announcing herself as an independent candidate.

It seems that a part of the Tenth Parliament’s controversial challenges will form about the Independent candidates who claimed independency and entered the election but now in the Majlis their political positions and factional affiliation is revealing one by one.

After illegal elimination of Minoo Khaleghi, a member of Omid Coalition who faced many controversies and eventually was stopped from entering the parliament through the Khamanei’s views conveyed to the Parliament, among those women who won the election Hajar Chenarani has hit the news.

The representative of Neyshabour in Tenth Parliament emphasized: “Along with Mr. Larijani, we were seeking to create an independent fraction named Velayat.in very first days of raising the idea the number of members of the fraction was above 150 people and now this number is increasing.” Hajar Chenarani Hajar Chenarani Hajar Chenarani Hajar Chenarani Hajar Chenarani

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