Hamidreza Moradi Sarvestani and Farshad Maroufi Held Incommunicado


Hamidreza Moradi Sarvestani is suffering from heart problems and his family is extremely concerned about his condition since he is in need of medical attention.

He was arrested on September 4th and endured physical and psychological pressure in order to confess to the false charge of membership in anti-regime groups.

He is one of the Gonabadi dervishes who was arrested along with several others for administering the Majzoobaneh-Nour website which publishes reliable reports on human rights violations.

Farshad Maroufi is an environmental activist in Naghdeh who has disappeared and there are no reports on his condition.

He had been summoned by the Intelligence Ministry several days ago and there have been no reports on his condition since then. It is speculated that he has been detained.

He had participated in the Lake Uromiyeh drying out protests.

He had been summoned to the Intelligence Ministry before. The authorities have stated that they are not informed of his whereabouts which has worried his family.



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