Monday, October 18, 2021

Human Rights Group Urges Iran to Respect Kurdish Sovereignty

SULAIMANI – The Independent Commission for Human Rights in the Kurdistan Region has called on Iranian authorities to respect the sovereignty of the Kurdistan Region after reports that Iran’s military has shelled areas inside Iraqi Kurdistan.

The commission released a statement Friday (August 12) urging Iran to end bombardments that have caused both material destruction and human casualties inside the region. 

“The Kurdistan Region and its people should not be the victims of issues and conflicts between Iran and the parties of the country,” the statement read. “All must respect the Kurdistan Region’s land.”

“People in those areas have faced danger, displacement and destroyed homes, and even death due to the bombardments,” the statement continued. 

Despite a previous call from the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) on June 26 for Iranian forces to end cross-border attacks, Iranian artillery resumed shelling Kurdish villages Thursday (August 11).

Director of Sidakan sub-district, Karwan Karim, told NRT that villagers left their homes in the villages of Barbzen region in Sidakan, located some 120 kilometers northeast of Erbil.

Iranian artillery units began shelling villages in the Kurdistan Region and targeting what they believed to be bases belonging to the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran (KDP-I) in the area.

The KDP-I have attacked Iranian military posts from the mountainous area straddling the Iran-Iraq border in recent months, prompting KRG authorities to urge an end to violence from both sides.



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