Hunger strike lands jailed activist in infirmary

Jailed Iranian human rights activist Mohmmad Seddigh Kaboodvand is in critical condition following more than a week on a hunger strike.

Kaleme reports that Mohammad Seddigh Kaboodvand, who has been refusing food since Saturday May 26, has been transferred to the Evin Prison infirmary.

Kaboodvand, who is also suffering from existing prostate complications, had already been issued a letter by the coroner’s office indicating that he is not physically capable of enduring his prison sentence. However, prison authorities have not heeded this verdict.

Kaboodvand began his hunger strike because prison authorities refused him leave to visit his sick son, and he has announced that he will continue starving himself until he is granted permission to spend time with his child.

He had broken an earlier strike after the state promised that he would be given a furlough once he began eating, but the promise was not fulfilled.

Kaboodvand is a human rights activist in Iran’s Kurdistan province and he has been sentenced to 10 years in jail for establishing the Human Rights Organization of Kurdistan and one more year for “propaganda against the regime.”

Source: Radio zamaneh

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