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Illegal Interrogations of 14 Political Prisoners at Evin’s Ward 350 Continue


Report in Persian by Kaleme
Translation by Banooye Sabz | Edited by P2E

Sunday, October 31, 2010 –  Summary: 14 political prisoners who recently demanded for the formation of a fact finding committee to investigate the truth about last year’s presidential elections and the events that followed, have had to once again endure grueling interrogations at Evin prison in recent weeks.

All 14 political prisoners are serving their prison sentences and interrogating them while serving their terms is completely illegal. Prisoners are held in prison under the jurisdiction of the Prison Organizations in Iran, and as such, Ministry of Intelligence interrogators do not have the legal authority to interrogate them. As a result the prisoners filed an official complaint to the authorities at Iran’s Prison Organization and the representative of Tehran’s prosecutor, but have not received a response to date.

The interrogations took place as a result of a statement that the 14 prisoners issued in response to Ahamadinejad’s comment at the United Nations to ‘form an independent fact finding committee to probe the events of 9/11″. The prisoners requested that Iran’s government form an independent fact finding committee to investigate the truth about last year’s presidential elections and the events that followed.  The prisoners were repeatedly threatened by prison officials, after this statement was issued and published in a variety of online media outlets.

Prison officials have asked these prisoners to deny signing such a statement, however the prisoners have not given in to such a demand and instead have filed a complaint about the illegal nature of the interrogations by Ministry of Intelligence interrogators.  They have stressed that they are serving their original prison sentences and no new charges have been filed against them and these interrogations are completely illegal.

Bahman Ahmadi Amoui, Said Milad Asadi, Mohsen Aminzadeh, Ali Parvizi, Ali Tajernia, Mohammad Davari, Majid Dori, Amir Khosro Dalirsani , Mohammad Farid Taheri Ghazvini, Keyvan Samimi, Kouhyar Goodarzi, Ali Malihi, Abollah Momeni and Mohsen Mirdamadi are amongst the political prisoners who signed the statement and have endured hours of illegal interrogations by Ministry of Intelligence interrogators.

Majid Dori was interrogated a few days prior to his exile to Behbahan prison. Ali Parviz was interrogated a few days prior to his release.  Kouhyar Goodarzi was also transferred to Rajai Shahr prison a few days after his interrogation.  There is growing fear that there will be further transfers to prisons with harsher conditions and new charges will be created and filed against the remaining prisoners who signed this statement.

The statement signed by the 14 political prisoners reads: “As innocent victims of the incidents that occurred after the presidential elections of 2009 and in the same fashion as Mr. Ahmadinejad’s recent request of the United Nations, since we were wrongfully and unjustly accused, arrested and imprisoned, we request that an independent, national, fact finding committee be established, consisting of trusted and reliable members of our communities to investigate the truth behind the elections and the events that followed.”

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