Imprisoned Blogger Faces Possible Death Sentence

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Based on reports from “Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran”, the Karaj Court intends to sentence the imprisoned blogger Mohammad Reza Pourshajari to death.

Pourshajari, who has serious charges brought against him, is supposed to hear his sentence on 1 Tir at the 109th Circuit of the Karaj Court. The Karaj Public Prosecutor, the Karaj Revolutionary Court Cross-Examiner, and the Ministry of Intelligence Interrogator beforehand told his family that he will be executed.

This blogger has been in solitary confinement in Section 6 of the Karaj Gowhardasht Prison for seven months. Since the time of his arrest, he is not allowed to have visititors or telephone his family. His family have no news of Pourshajari’s condition.

Pourshajari is the only political prisoner who has been in solitary confinement for months at Section 6.

Ministry of Intelligence interrogators until now have opened two cases against him. In the first case, he has been sentenced to three years in prison.

As for the second case, according to statements from the Ministry of Intelligence interrogators and the Karaj Public Prosecutor, they intend to sentence him to death.

An individual with the alias Mohammadi, an interrogator at the Mashhad intelligence office, has threatened and psychologically pressured Miss Mitra Pourshajari, the daughter of Mohammad Reza Pourshajari, with his phone calls and summons to the intelligence office. In his latest summons, he threatened to arrest her.

Mohammad Reza Pourshajari is physically very ill; he suffers from kidney problems, hip pain, and sinusitis, but Ministry of Intelligence interrogators are preventing him from receiving any medical treatment.

Conditions at the Section 6 of the Karaj Gowhardasht Prison are inhumane and unbearable. It is one of the torture zones of the prison.



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