Imprisoned Political Activist’s Health Deteriorates in Prison


Ali Tabarzadi, son of prisoner of conscience Heshmatollah Tabarzadi, told the International Campaign for Human Rights In Iran that his father’s health has deteriorated in prison, and that in the last few months he has experienced serious cardiac complications. Judicial authorities have refused his family’s request for his medical leave.

“Last Thursday, when I went to visit my father in Rajaee Shahr Prison in Karaj, I found him pale. He developed a heart condition in the past month and a half and his blood pressure is high. He is out of his heart and blood pressure medication, which we would bring him from outside prison. My father is also suffering from a bone-softening disease, and has other health problems, which seem to be caused by prolonged stays in the prison’s confined space, lack of ventilation, and poor nutrition. Rajaee Shahr prisoners are only allowed fresh air breaks between 2 and 4 p.m., which is a very unsuitable time due to the heat. Many prisoners don’t use their fresh air break at all in protest,” said Ali Tabarzadi.

“A month ago, because of the deterioration of my father’s condition, he was transferred to the prison’s infirmary, and was examined a few times, but because the prison infirmary only does general examination, we fear that the symptoms have not been diagnosed correctly, and that my father may need to be examined by a specialist. For this reason we applied for a medical leave for him, but, unfortunately, we have not received a response yet. After all, when his lawyer is not allowed to meet with him, how can a medical leave be expected?! Other prisoners who have requested leave have only been granted a few days under special circumstances and after many insults.  Anyhow, we are extremely worried about our father’s well being and there is nothing we can do for him,” he added.

Political activist and Secretary General of the Iran Democratic Front, Heshmatollah Tabarzadi was arrested on 27 December 2009 and transferred to Evin Prison. After protesting the execution of five political prisoners, including Kurdish teacher Farzad Kamangar, Tabarzadi was transferred to Rajaee Shahr Prison. He was sentenced to seven years in prison by Branch 26 of Tehran’s Revolutionary Court.  During his imprisonment, Tabarzadi has participated in several long hunger strikes to protest various issues.



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