Incarcerated Reformist Mostafa Tajzadeh Transferred to the Methadone Ward at Evin Prison


Human Rights House of Iran – Mostafa Tajzadeh has been transferred to the Methadone Ward at Evin Prison.

Seyed Mostafa Tajzadeh, member of the Islamic Iran Participation Front (Jebhe-ye Mosharekat) and one of seven leading reformist who filed a law-suit against several commanders of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corp (IRGC) for their intervention in Iran’s rigged presidential elections,  was transferred on Tuesday to the Methadone Ward at Evin, a ward generally reserved for hardcore criminals and drug addicts.

According to reports received be Kalame, the Methadone Ward [a ward that also formerly housed all female political prisoners] is much more restrictive. As a result, Tajzadeh will be denied access to fresh air and use of the general court yard and he will have no communication what so ever with the other political prisoners.  Tajzadeh was transferred to the Methadone ward along with his former cellmate who suffers from severe psychological problems as a result of the pressures exerted upon him while in prison – this despite the fact that he is entitled to freedom.

Despite recommendations by specialists that Tajzadeh undergo at minimum twenty physical therapy sessions, judicial and security authorities continue to ignore his medical needs and have exerted even more pressure on him during the past week.

Tajzadeh’s transfer took place shortly after his return to prison following a short furlough and after enduring one year at the quarantine ward at Evin.



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