Intelligence Ministry Using Those Convicted Of Espionage To Harass Prisoners

In an ongoing effort by the Intelligence Ministry to create problems and harassment of the political prisoners, they have stationed one their interrogators named Abbasi in Ward 350 of Evin prison.

They have also transferred a number of people convicted of spying for the CIA and Mossad to section 350 in an effort to use them against the political prisoners.

According to a Kalameh reporter, Intelligence Ministry’s representative has promised these people that, in return for spying on the political prisoners and giving information about them and creating trouble in the ward, they will reward them with telephone access, face-to-face visitation with their families, furlough, reduction in their prison terms and pardons.

Due to their own situations, these prisoners are willing to do whatever is necessary to help their own cases, and have created problems for the political prisoners.

It should be noted that the Bureau of Prisons and the Judiciary are responsible for, and hold jurisdiction over the prisoners serving their sentences and the Intelligence Ministry and the IRGC legally do not have the authority to interfere in their affairs. However, in reality, in recent years the interrogators have reigned over the Judiciary and the Judges.

According to the families of some of the political prisoners, in a recent visit to ward 350 by the Bureau of Prison inspector, the political prisoners voiced their outrage over the interference by the Intelligence Ministry and complained about the stationing of an agent from Ward 209 (under jurisdiction of the Intelligence Ministry) in ward 350.

According to reports, the inspectors from the Bureau of Prisons had no knowledge of these events, which shows that they are not able to do anything regarding this matter.

Source: Voice of Freedom

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