Sunday, October 17, 2021

Iran arrests three soldiers for kindness towards political prisoners in Evin Prison

March 4, 2011

There are reports stating that that three conscripts who were dispatched in Evin Prison were arrested and detained in cellblock 2A run by the Revolutionary Guards Forces on charges of cooperating with political prisoners Tajzadeh and Nourizad.
According to reports, these three soldiers are Shahin Attar, Soheil Rohandeh and Hamid-Reza Mohammadi were on duty in the Evin Intelligence and Protection Department and they were arrested on charges of being polite and nice to political prisoners Mohammad Nourizad and Mostafa Tajzadeh, who were detained in the quarantine cellblock in this section.
Articles and letters written by these two political prisoners that have been published in websites while they were jailed have caused three innocents to be charged like this. This is while most of these articles and letters were written while these prisoners were on furloughs while some of the letters were dictated in family visits and have been published by their families.


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