Iran begins to target women in new crackdown

June 10, 2011

Religious fascist dictators in Iran are creating a new suppressive force and establishing new suppressive plans,According to HRANA news agency.

Ahmadreza Radan, deputy commander of regime’s infamous police force and one of the major figures involved in heinous crimes in the horrible Kahrizak Prison, declared June 15 as the beginning of harsh plans in dealing with what he called mal-veiling and said:

“In our new plan, a dossier will be created for women who are mal-dressed and we will confront producers of unsightly clothing for women; we will also deal with those who create auditory pollution [referring to Iranian youth listening to ‘unapproved’ music in their cars].”


“Beginning of summer worries the officials, the people, and the religious leaders about mal-dressing and they expect the police force to carry out its responsibility,” Radan said.

He added: “In the highways and boulevards, special teams of motorcycle forces, driving control forces, and police will confront vehicles whose drivers or occupants are mal-dressed.”

Radan also spoke of intensifying suppressive measures in the northern provinces of Iran by using additional forces other than regime’s regular police force and said: “The police force will form the ‘clean police’ starting June 15 and will pay attention to mal-dressing even in the  interstate roads.”



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