Iran IRGC trains Houthis in Syria before sending them to Yemen

According to a recent allegation, the Iran IRGC force has been surreptitiously transporting Houthi troops to Syria for military training along with mercenaries of other nationalities, and then return both groups to Yemen in preparation for combat.

The clandestine operation, which was described in a Nedaa Post report that was published on September 2, further demonstrates the involvement of the Syrian government and the Iran IRGC force in the conflict in Yemen.

The study indicates that despite a ceasefire mediated by the United Nations (UN), which has been in force since April 2, the Houthis and their ally Iran have continued to prepare for military mobilization.

According to Nedaa Post, Cham Wings, a private Syrian airline located in Damascus that is subject to US sanctions, was used by Houthi troops to fly into Syria’s Damascus airport in the latter part of August.

Issam Shammout, the owner of the Cham Wings airline and allegedly a close associate of Russian President Vladimir Putin, is included on a no-fly list by the European Union.

According to the allegation, 60 foreign mercenaries also landed at Damascus International Airport on August 24 and were transported to al-Dreij in rural Damascus with the Houthi forces.

Before going back to Sanaa, they were apparently supposed to complete a 45-day military training school at the al-Saiqa School in al-Dreij.

According to a report in the Nedaa Post, the Houthis are receiving extensive training from Iran IRGC special forces and the Radwan section of Hezbollah in Lebanon.

According to the study, this includes instruction in military tactics, urban warfare, guerilla warfare, as well as the placement and control of improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

According to political analyst Adel al-Shujaa, by giving the Houthis military equipment and training, Iran is moving its conflict with other nations in the area and throughout the world to Yemen.

Senior Iranian regime officials have openly admitted that they have already given the Houthis access to military technologies, he claimed, so “the topic is no longer a secret.”

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