Iran refuses to hand over body of executed political prisoner to his family

December 30, 2010

According to reports, several family members of executed political prisoner and PMOI supporter Ali Saremi went to Kahrizak Detention Center to get custody of Ali Saremi’s body. They were told by Evin Prison agents to go to Kahrizak for the body.

They were initially banned from entering Kahrizak and finally after persisting, security forces told them to leave and bring a letter from Evin Prison.

According to other reports, after widespread reports in the international media about the execution of this 63 year old political prisoner, the Iranian regime is looking to retaliate against his family and therefore arrested a number of his family members on the day he was hanged. They were finally forced to release them last night after harassing and threatening them. Security forces also raided their family shop today and arrested Ali Saremi’s nephew identified as Mohammad.


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