Iran state police violently cracks down on protests against inflation

Following widespread popular protests against unbridled inflation and public opposition to the government’s new economic plan, Qassem Rezaei, deputy commander of Iran state police (Faraja), reiterated previous claims that “dissidents and enemies were taking advantage of the protests. It does and it is not tolerable for us.”

This statement comes at a time when the Iranian state-run and IRGC-controlled media have not covered the public protests in recent days, and instead of publishing criticism of the people, they sought to justify the government’s incompetence. An issue that provoked a reaction in cyberspace.

Two videos have been released in cyberspace showing security forces deploying tanks to suppress protesters.

Non-payment of subsidies to half of the population, inflation, lack of social freedoms, corruption of officials, and lack of security are some of the things that have caused people in different parts of Iran to take to the streets to protest.

About thirteen days have passed since the beginning of the protests in Iran, and the security situation in Iranian cities is increasing every day. Despite the presence of Iran state police and armed forces in the cities, the protests continue. One day there will be more news about the protests, and one day less news will be heard due to the reduction of internet bandwidth and the interruption of mobile internet.

But evidence shows that the protests are not over yet. On Wednesday, May 17, two videos were posted on social media showing security forces moving tanks to Junqan and Shahrekord to suppress protesters.

Iranian authorities have “heavily disrupted” internet access in multiple provinces, a Human Rights Watch report published on Friday found.

The report also found that Iranian authorities arrested several prominent activists on “baseless accusations” during labor union strikes and the ongoing protests against rising prices, since May 6, 2022.

Protesters in Isfahan’s city of Golpayegan chanted against Iran’s highest authority, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, as well as President Ebrahim Raisi, videos shared on Twitter showed.

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