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Iran tells Bahrain to respond to people’s demands

Friday, 18 February 2011

Payvand/2011-02-18 – The Iranian Foreign Ministry has urged the Bahraini government to avoid resorting to violence in dealing with the popular demonstrations in the country and listen to people’s voice.

An unidentified source at the Foreign Ministry has said the ongoing developments in Bahrain are an internal affair, but called on the Bahraini officials to show restraint toward the protesters and respond to people’s political demands. 

Iran is deeply concerned about the developments in Bahrain, he added.

On Monday, February 14, the Bahraini opposition inspired by the recent uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa organized an anti-government protest in Manama. 

The protests continued on Tuesday and Wednesday, and reached a new peak on Thursday. 

On Thursday, large crowds of Bahraini protesters poured into the streets of the capital and demanded sweeping political reforms in the tiny Arab state. The protests turned violent as riot police opened fire on protesters.

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