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Iranian Actor Ramin Parchami Taken to Court in Handcuffs

15 , April , 2011

Iranian actor, Ramin Parchami, who was arrested during the anti-government protests of February 14, was taken to court today, Wednesday April 14.

Parchami was brought to court “in handcuffs, with a long beard and an unkempt appearance.” The charges against Parchami remain unspecified by the judiciary.

Another detainee from that same day of protest told Radio Zamaneh that he had seen Parchmai in Evin Prison on February 16. The actor reportedly lifted the spirits of the other prisoners by entering the ward chanting: “Political prisoners must be released!”

The detainee, who spoke to Zamaneh on condition of anonymity, said Parchami had told him he was arrested in Vali Asr Square on February 14 while filming the protests.

Hundreds of protesters where arrested on February 14, and at least two people were shot to death.

Parchami is a prominent Iranian actor who has appeared in numerous Iranian television series as well as movies. He has also made a short film entitled “Solution.”


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