Iranian Citizens Bearing The Cost of Religious Institutions in Syria

Iran has established more than 38 institutions during the 8-year long war in Syria, the budget for which has been taken directly from the pockets of Iranian citizens. This includes but is not limited to Al-Zahraa Charitable Society, Jihad of Construction, Al-Hadi Charitable Society, Nour Foundation and countless other institutions.

What is the purpose of these organizations and how do they benefit the average Iranian?

Majority of these institutions are religious and affiliated with Iranian Seminaries. The Iranian people pay for the spread of Shiism in Syria. These institutions are spread all over Syria.

9 In Damascus Province, 9 In Aleppo Province, 7 In Homs Province, 2 In Deir Ez-zor Province, 1 In Hama Province and 1 In Latakia Province. As Well as affiliated institutions established in Daraa and Quneitra provinces.

Many of these Shia institutions offer food packages and cash loans to Syrian people with the goal of attracting them to the ideology of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Iran’s government also provides budget for 5 religious studies institutions affiliated with Shia Seminaries as well as 4 social studies organizations.

More importantly, all these institutions and organizations are in contact with Shia militias and terrorist groups.

These institutions are also responsible to provide financial support for militias trained and backed by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, to spread Shia Islam among the Syrian population and to hold Shia exclusive celebrations and commemorations under the guise of social activities.

Should Iranian citizens bear the cost of spreading Shiism and the ideology of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s government in a country where only 1% of people follow the Twelver branch of Shia Islam?

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