Iranian Intelligence Minister reports infiltration of opposition abroad

Iran’s Minister of Intelligence says his ministry has succeeded in spreading doubt and division among opposition groups.

Iranian media report that Heydar Moslehi told worshippers at today’s Friday Mass prayers in Tehran: “Today we have managed to create rifts and suspicion among the anti-Revolutionary groups abroad.”

He explained that certain “former members of Parliament and ministers…who had fled the country and joined forces with the anti-Revolutionaries are now hearing things like: ‘How can we be certain that you are not infiltrators sent by Iran’s intelligence agencies?’”

Moslehi also touched on the post-election protests of 2009, which the Islamic Republic establishment refers to as “sedition.” He emphasized that some Iranian officials are labouring under the mistaken belief that the “sedition” is over.

As the head of the country’s intelligence forces, he said he could confirm that “the sedition is still active in trying to harm the system.” He warned that the country’s “elite” should take care not to step into their trap.

The 2009 protests against the disputed victory of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad created deep rifts in the Islamic Republic establishment, with many of the regime’s top figures opposing the crackdown on protesters.

The Intelligence Minister warned: “Anyone who leans away from the regime to the slightest degree will now be considered to belong to the enemy’s camp.”



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