Iranian IRGC kills Iraqi Kurd tradesman on Qandil highlands

Forces of the Iranian IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) have opened fire on a group of tradesmen from the Kurdistan Region of Iraq on the highlands of the Qandil Mountains, between Iran and the Kurdistan Region, on 28 May, killing a 30-year-old man named Kaywan Abdullah.

An eyewitness that spoke to the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) said the terrorist designated IRGC forces targeted the group at 18:30 local time when the tradesmen were “receiving cattle from Iran”.

The IRGC forces shot the tradesmen at a close range and without prior warning, the source said.

The eyewitness added that Abdullah, who comes from the village of Drokotri in the Sangsar district of Sulaymaniyah governorate in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, was killed during the shooting.

The body of the civilian was handed over to his friends after a few hours through the mediation of the people of the region.

This is not the first or last time when the IRGC forces murdered Kurd minorities in Iran.

The UN Human Rights Special Rapporteur Javaid Rehman describes the situation of human rights in Iran as “bleak” and “characterized by the most egregious violations and continued impunity.”

“I am alarmed at the targeting of minorities, including through executions, enforced disappearances and arbitrary sentencing of individuals from the Baluch, Kurdish and Ahwazi Arab minorities,” Rehman told the UN Human Rights Council on March 9.

The Kurds of Iran, like all other Kurds, have faced historical discrimination from the central government of the country they find themselves. Rojhelat (Iranian Kurdistan) is amongst the most underdeveloped regions in Iran, and the Kurds of Iran do not receive equal access to state benefits compared to the rest of the population.

Both unemployment and poverty are exceptionally high in the region, even compared to the rest of the sanctions-hit country. Any political activity that is not supportive of the ruling theocratic regime in the country is cracked down upon severely by the Revolutionary Guard Corps, (IRGC) which has no tolerance for any dissent.

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