Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Iranian military chief warns of war

Iran’s Chief of Military Staff warned that the deployment of Patriot Missiles in Turkey could lead to a global war.

ISNA reports that the senior military commander Hassan Firouzabadi said on Saturday December 15: “Each of these Patriots is a black mark on the world map and is aimed at creating a world war.”

He added: “They are making plans for a world war, and this is very dangerous for the future of humanity and for the future of Europe itself.”

The United States has announced that it will send two Patriot missile batteries to Turkey and similar announcements were made by Germany and the Netherlands.

Iranian officials have repeatedly said that the installation of the Patriot missiles in Turkey is a threat to stability in the region and deepens the Syrian conflict.

Russia and Syria have also opposed the deployment of patriot missiles in Turkey.

Source: Radiozamaneh

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