Iranian president proposes new minister

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has proposed that the Deputy Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Iranian Republic Army be appointed as the new Minister of Communications and Technology.

Iranian media reported on Monday February 18 that Mohammad Hassan Nami was proposed by the administration to take the helm of the ministry.

In December, Ahmadinejad removed Reza Taghipour from the head of the ministry and left the department under the care of the Ministry of Transportation and Urban Development.

Ahmadinejad claimed the move was an attempt to combine the two ministries and reduce government costs. However, Parliament did not approve the elimination of the Communications Ministry, and the president was forced to appoint a new minister for the department.

Nami is Deputy Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Islamic Republic Army and head of the Geographic Organization of the armed forces as well as an executive member of the Geopolitics Association of Iran.

He is a veteran of the Iran-Iraq War and was wounded on the three occasions during that time.

His credentials include graduate degrees in geopolitics as well as strategic management and public administration from Iranian and North Korean universities.

Source: Radiozamaneh

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