Iran’s attacks on dissident group claim civilian lives

Iran’s shelling in the Iraqi border region has killed or wounded five civilians in the Sidkan.

Ahmad Ghader Soor, the Sidkan Prefect, told Radio Zamaneh that two local residents were killed yesterday and three more were injured by Islamic Republic artillery attacks.

The Prefect also indicated that ranchers and farmers in the region have sustained great losses as a result of the attacks.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) forces began shelling the Iraqi Kurdistan border regions more than three weeks ago. Iran calls it a retaliation against PJAK, the dissident Kurdish group that is now based in the Iraqi Kurdistan region.

The International Red Cross says it has sent humanitarian aid to 800 displaced people in the border regions of Iraq-Iran and reports that 175 families have been forced out of their homes.

Iraqi authorities have called on Iran to halt the artillery attacks on their territory.

Both PJAK and IRGC forces have suffered several casualties in the conflicts of the past three weeks.



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