Iran’s military reveals underground missile silos

Monday 27 June 2011


Iran on Monday unveiled underground silos that can hold missiles capable of hitting Israel and U.S. bases in the Persian Gulf as it began 10 days of war games, the country’s latest show of military force amid a standoff with the West over its disputed nuclear program.

State TV broadcast footage of the underground silos, claiming that medium- and long-range missiles stored in them are ready to launch in retaliation for an attack on Iran.

The silos are widely viewed as a strategic asset for Iran in the event of a U.S. or Israeli attack on its nuclear facilities.

An officer in Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, which is in charge of the missile program, said Tehran has constructed “numerous” underground missile silos that satellites can’t detect. He did not elaborate.

The state television report broadcast footage of underground launching pads for the Shahab-3 missile, which has a range of more than 1,240 miles — putting Israel, U.S. bases in the Persian Gulf region and parts of Southeastern and Eastern Europe within reach.




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