Saturday, October 16, 2021

IRGC’s New Plan to Confront Crisis

Various state news resources in Iran report on a new plan by the IRGC known as
the “Resistance Movement” which aims at gaining preparation to confront ultra-crisis
situations. According to this plan, a collection of forces will be chosen and staffed from
the Basij bases all over the country so that in case the current situation arises from
tension to crisis and the country fails to correctly manage the crisis with the regime
at the risk of collapse, a network of highly-committed individuals to the regime will be
available and can be summoned under any circumstances.

The purpose of establishing these networks is announced as “regaining the control
over the situation in any possible way”. According to this plan, in case the Basij bases
collapse, the selected individuals will be summoned by the commanders of each district
in a place called “Emergency Operation Center” while they are prepared to carry out the

An individual attending a Basij Base describes the purpose to this plan:

“Resistance Movement” plan aims at collecting a network of those who are most
committed to the regime and can be available and summoned under any circumstances
to regain the control over the situation in case the situation changes from stabile to
elevated tension, from tension to high and eventually to crisis and if the crisis management fails
with the risk of the regime collapse.

The source underlined that in the Emergency Operation Center, the commander of each
district is obliged to set up a new seat outside the bases which enjoys the qualifications
of an emergency operation center, is adjacent to the most important entrances and
exits of the district, enjoys the parameters of the unbreakable defense with the capacity
to keep arms and ammunition.

Therefore, based on its logistics, every distinct is obliged to inform its sub-bases to
secretly select five individuals among the members and introduce them to the superiors.

Some of the Green Movement pro websites such as Jaras believe that choosing five
individuals among the all members of each Basij Base indicates that since these
members have arisen from the public, the IRGC fear that in case of a crisis, 90 percent
of their forces would refuse to cooperate. Therefore, they are content with this limited
numbers under restricted conditions.

Considering the fact that some of the IRGC commanders and security officials confessed
to and warned about a social riot resulting from the upcoming economic pressures
based on the estimates by their informational bodies, it’s safe to say that the fear of

a serious and uncontrollable crisis arising from public riot made them get prepared to
confront a critical situation.

Basij and the plain-clothes militia played a key role in the bloody crackdown in the wake
of the last year’s controversial presidential elections.

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