IRGC’s death threats to journalists in fearmongering campaign

Iran International announced that the London police have reported serious death threats to the TV staff in the UK from the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

The IRCG is a military organization that is supervised by the Iranian regime’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei.

The regime of the Islamic Republic has repeatedly criticized the Iran International network for its extensive coverage of the nationwide uprising by Iranian citizens.

The UK-based Farsi-language network announced in a statement that its employees have been informed of the death threats against them by the London Metropolitan Police.

The statement referred to increasing death threats from the Islamic Republic and added, “The Metropolitan Police has now officially informed our two British-Iranian journalists that these threats pose an imminent, credible, and significant threat to their lives and their families.”

Iran International stated, “Our journalists have been harassed on a daily basis on social media, but these threats against the lives of British-Iranian journalists working in the UK are a significant and dangerous escalation of the government’s campaign to intimidate Iranian journalists working abroad.”

Iran International statement added, “The death threat to British citizens on British soil comes after several weeks of warnings by the IRGC and the Iranian government about the activities of a free and uncensored Persian-language media operating in London.”

This statement emphasized that the UK has been the symbol of freedom of speech and Iran International is “proud to serve the 85 million people of Iran by providing independent and uncensored information”.

Iran International referred to the repressions of the Islamic Republic in its statement and added that the “Islamic Republic of Iran and especially the IRGC cannot be allowed to export its brutal media repression to the United Kingdom”.

The Iranian Cyber Army is an Iranian computer hacker group. It is thought to be connected to Iranian government, although it is not officially recognized as an entity by the government. It has pledged loyalty to Supreme Leader of Iran.

According to Tehran Bureau, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard initiated plans for the formation of an Iranian Cyber Army in 2005. The organisation is believed to have been commanded by Mohammad Hussein Tajik until his assassination.

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