IRGC Declares Production of New “Strategic Missile”

“The strategic missile will be unveiled in the near future,” General Hajizadeh said, addressing in a ceremony held on Monday to commemorate the late founder of the Islamic Republic, Imam Khomeini, on the 43rd anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.

He underlined the IRGC’s latest defense achievements, especially in the field of the strategic missile.

General Hajizadeh added that the missile has been built for quite some time and is currently part of the IRGC’s combat capability.

In relevant remarks in January 2021, General Hajizadeh underlined Iran had limited the range of its missiles to 2,000km on the basis of its own decision, but the decision is not something permanent.

The power of our missiles can be seen in the comments of our enemies. No one has forced us to restrict ourselves to the range of 2,000km because we do not talk to anyone about our missile power. It (2,000km range) was our decision and this range is not permanent for us,” General Hajizadeh said in an interview with the Arabic-language al-Manar news channel.

He reiterated the country’s position on the prohibition of talks on its missile power, saying that negotiation on the issue is a national redline.

Also, Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Top Commander Major General Hossein Salami underlined that enemies can never stop Iran’s progress and development in defense fields or coax the country into negotiations about them.

“We will never stop increasing the defense capabilities and we will not retreat because it is among our redlines and therefore, the issue of defense capabilities is not negotiable, modifiable, stoppable, and controllable,” General Salami said, addressing a ceremony in Tehran in November 2019.

Asked if Iran would be agreed to take part in the missile talks under the pressures and US sanctions, he said, “This will never happen.”

General Salami downplayed military threats against Iran.

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