Tuesday, September 28, 2021

IRGC Disperse Attempt to Stage Demonstration in Nowsoud


Residents of the Kurdish town of Nowsoud planned to stage a demonstration on Saturday, November 9, in protest against Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) killing of a Kurdish youth on November 8. But the IRGC did not allow the demonstration to take place.kordestan

IRGC soldiers opened fire on two Kurdish youth in the town of Nowsoud. One of the Kurdish youth, Ehsan Payam, died due to the gunshot wounds, while the other, Kawan Haidari, was seriously injured.

Residents planned to stage a demonstration on Saturday to protest the killing but the IRGC brought in a large force that dispersed even small gatherings of people. In response, storeowners and residents of the town shut down all stores and shops in Nowsoud.

Witnesses stated that the Revolutionary Guard Corps and the intelligence services were dispersing even small gatherings of people and videotaping all movement and gatherings in order to prevent the demonstration that was to take place on Saturday.

Witnesses further stated that “we came here to take part in the demonstration that was supposed to take place today, but couldn’t due to the heavy presence of the intelligence agency and revolutionary guards in the city”.


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