IRGC files suit against MP

A top commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) announced that the IRGC has filed a complaint against Ali Motahari, the Member of Parliament who has accused them of interfering in the elections.

Masood Jazaeri, the deputy head of IRGC public relations, told ISNA: “A suit has been filed against the individual that has attributed lies to the IRGC, and the court will deal with such people.”

Ali Motahari, a Tehran representative in Parliament, gave a speech in May in which he accused the Revolutionary Guards of interfering with the elections for the ninth parliament. He said: “The involvement of the Revolutionary Guards was obvious at many stations, and many candidates back this statement.”

These unprecedented statements by a conservative member of Parliament have drawn fierce fire from the IRGC, which according to Iran’s constitution must keep its hands off elections and avoid political partisanship.

It is not clear whether Ali Motahari’s MP status would grant him immunity from prosecution.

Motahari has been defiant in his accusations against the IRGC, saying an MP has the right to express an opinion about the affairs of the country, and no government institution should be made exempt from criticism.

Motahari’s statement about IRGC involvement in the elections has been echoed by other Members of Parliament. Former Semnan representative Mostafa Kavakebian announced that he has proof of such interference and he demanded an official probe into the handling of the parliamentary elections.

The parliamentary elections were boycotted by many groups, including the reformists, in protest against the closed political arena and an alleged lack of transparency in the election process.

Source: Radio Zamaneh

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