Jailed blogger denied minimum rights in prison

April 20, 2011

Jailed blogger Mohammad-Reza Pourshajari, aka Siamak Mehr, who was arrested in his home in Mashhad on September 12, 2010 by security forces is still detained in the Sepah Cellblock in Rajayi Shahr Prison despite numerous physical problems without being allowed to call or see the only member of his family (his young

According to reports, this jailed blogger who was in charge of the ‘Report to Iran’ weblog, was sentenced to three years of prison in a show trial while he was denied the right to a lawyer after months of torture. 
According to this report, security forces have pinned new charges against him in the past few months but there are no details available on the new charges. Officials are trying to increase his prison term in this way. (Student Committee in Defense of Political Prisoners – Apr. 18, 2011)



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