Saturday, October 16, 2021

Jailed student activist severely tortured in Ardabil Prison


Eunice Soleimani, a student activist who was expelled from Bu-Ali Sina University and has been detained since

December 2011 in Ardabil Prison, was once again beaten by prison agents.
According to reports, Mr. Soleimani who was severely tortured before this in the Tabriz Intelligence Agency, was beaten and tortured this time for going on a hunger strike.
The former secretary of the Turkish Center at Bu-Ali Sina University in Hamedan went on a hunger strike from some time ago in protest to his condition and transgressions by prison officials.
During his August 2010 temporary incarceration in the Tabriz Intelligence Agency, this Azari activist was abused and tortured by intelligence agents and according to his family, suffered three heart attacks after being subjected to electric shocks and being injected with mood and mind altering drugs by his interrogators.


Source: kanoonjb

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