Thursday, October 28, 2021

Jaras: Security Forces Launch Heavy Crackdown on Protestors in Ardebil


Jaras: There have been reports of the heavy presence of security forces in Ardebil, a city in north-western Iran. These reports come in the wake of an invitation extended by civil rights activists to protest against parliament’s rejection of a bill for the revival of Oroumieh Lake.

According to the sources close to Jaras, a news site run by supporters of the opposition in exile, Ardebil’s central avenues have remained

half-closed, and there have been reports of the heavy presence of law enforcement personnel, plainclothes militias, and anti-riot forces in the city.

According to eye witnesses, severe restrictions were imposed on vehicles in the city, and all those who carried mobile phones with themselves were attacked by security forces and plainclothes militias.

There have also been reports of service disruption of mobile phones and internet in the city, a tactic constantly used by the Iranian authority in times of unrest.

Many of Ardebili’s citizens have been attacked by security forces and plainclothes militias in Shariati, Danesh, Sareyn Station streets and

Aghghezi Bazar. At least 10 people have been arrested, and numerous others have been physically attacked and intimidated by the security forces.



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