Jihadi camps of Corps; an Identifying plan of influential forces in future corporative staff

Iran Briefing: By an Act of Parliament in previous years, a plan called “jihad camps” is running each year which Basij is in charge of its organizing and deployments. In this project which is implemented across the country through participating students and Basij, the volunteer students each year are sent to deprived areas to get involve in civil works. Jihadi camps

During the project, which is directly run by Basij and under the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ supervision, student volunteers in a seven-day camp are being sent to help deprived areas; however the main purpose of the plan is “culture and beliefs strengthening of young people in their leisure time”.  According to a Corps’ Commander, the plan is focused on “serving” and it is prepared based on the slogan of the year made by the leader of the Islamic Republic.

The Corps’ commander of Zarandieh, Mohammad Mahjoori, introduced the main purpose of the plan” the system’s future staffing and helping the government to achieve the goals of economy resistance”. Naming the year as “Economy Resistance, Acting and Action” assumes that the country urgently needs workforces to participate in the economy field; and using the teenagers and youths either as the workforces or to be prepared to participate in ideological courses provides the required force for the future plans.”

Considering the youth acclamation of the plan, the corps commander mentioned the plan as the best opportunity to expand the spiritual motivation and prepare the necessary requirements to gain a jihadi view.

Mentioning that holding the “jihad camps” is the perfect place to guide the younger generation, Semnan governor also stated that attending these camps is ten times more effective than listening to speeches to guide the youth. He also believes that in order to improve the economy of resistance, attending the deprived area which reduces the expectations and also acting in the field of work and effort is very crucial.

Other projects such as “Hejrat Plan” and “Rahian-e Noor” are the other projects for youth, held by various security and army institutes such as Basij and Corps which the purpose of these projects is mostly to prepare youth for future contributions in the issues beyond the economy.

In fact, the Corps intends to provide its required future staff through arrangement and selection of these adolescents. Therefore, before starting the project in the summer, all the agencies affiliated to the IRGC and Basij start wide advertising and publicity about the plan in order to encourage the students to join the plan. The provincial authorities are also required to utilize the institutes under their management in order to promote and run a sensational plan.

Hashem Ghiasi, the IRGC commander of “Ansar al-Reza” also contends that the activities of these groups should not be limited to the spring and summer as the Basij Sazandegi (Reconstruction Basij) can remove the burden from the government’s shoulders through these projects. Another IRGC commander considered the presence of Basij in these camps as strengthening the relationships between people and Basij.

Considering the institutes involved in the “Jihadi Camps”, helping the deprived is perhaps the last concern or cover for its real purpose of implementation; it is particularly intended for governmental staffing, educating and identifying efficient people for the future and consolidating long-term mobilization activities.

The annual implementation of a plan such as Rahian-e Noor has caused many fatalities among innocent youth during the deployments and its activities; these victims are named Jihadi Martyrs. Jihadi camps Jihadi camps Jihadi camps Jihadi camps Jihadi camps Jihadi camps Jihadi camps Jihadi camps 

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