Karroubi son sentenced to six months in prison for speaking to foreign media

Mohammad Hossein Karroubi, son of opposition leader Mehdi Karroubi, has been sentenced to six months in prison.

In a recent Facebook post, Mohammad Hossein Karroubi wrote that he had received a six-month suspended jail-term on charges of “inflaming public opinion” by speaking to foreign media regarding the abuse of prisoners at Kahrizak detention centre in the aftermath of the 2009 presidential election.

Karroubi’s son announced that he had been acquitted of bribing political prisoners to make false testimonies about the occurrence of abuse at Kahrizak.

Following the Kahrizak abuse scandals, Mehdi Karroubi wrote a letter to the Head of the Council of Experts, Hashemi Rafsanjani, describing some of the horrors that took place at the detention centre where many Green Movement protesters were held following the 2009 unrest.

The publication of the letter led to the arrest of Mohammad Davari, journalist and editor-in-chief ofSahamnews, a site affiliated with Karroubi’s National Trust party. Davari was tortured to make televised confessions against Karroubi and was sentenced to five years in prison, which was later increased to six years.

In July 2009, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei ordered the closure of the centre after reports that detainees held at the jail died as a result of torture.

Source: Iran Green Voice

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