Khamenei envoy in IRGC stresses on meddling in Syria

Mullah Ali Saeedi, Khamenei’s envoy in the Revolutionary Guards, emphasized on the necessity for meddling in Syria.

“Our defending of Syria is a defense of security, beliefs and strategic measures. However, there are those who don’t accept this viewpoint,” he said, with his remarks cited by the state-run ISNA news agency.

Mullah Saeedi and dispatching IRGC forces to Syria

“Some media outlets and news agencies linked to the IRGC, and it is expected the Fars news agency and others to use a comprehensive approach in reporting news, because at times there are reports that are aired lacking accuracy and any considerations. In fact, we must act in a way that the government feels the media outlets are sensitive about these issues,” Saeedi added.

“As General Firuz-Abadi said the news must be reported with accuracy. One must not be negligent because of speedy news service because this is not what is expected from armed forces, and we shouldn’t bring about further damages and costs in this regard,” he continued.

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