Khamenei orders the level of participation in the elections should be declared to be more than 60 percent


According to obtained reports from within the mullahs’ regime, Khamenei, in fear of widespread boycott of the regime’s parliamentary sham elections by the public, has ordered that voter turnout in this election should be declared to be more than 60 percent. He has asked for adequate staging for declaring such statistics.

In this context, Brigadier General Mohammad Mostafa Najjar, the mullahs’ Interior Minister, announced the day before the elections that participants in tomorrow’s elections would be more passionate and in bigger numbers than before!

Internal assessment of the regime shows that only a very small percentage will participate in this election.

Even many of traditional supporters of the regime and families of the heads and brokers of the regime are not willing to participate in this show. Therefore, in addition to intimidation and bullying efforts and astronomical vote rigging and fraud, Khamenei has issued a fatwa on the necessity of participation in elections that is distributed by the state mullahs and Revolutionary Guards to close circles within the regime.


Source: insideofiran

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