Mahdieh Golrou and Leila Tavasoli Return to Evin Prison


Mahdieh Golrou who had been released along with Bahareh Hedayat for furlough has returned to prison after the security forces came to her house at night.  She was supposed to return to prison tomorrow morning.

She was arrested in 2009 after her home was raided by the security forces.

She was sentenced to 2 years and 4 months in prison for anti-regime propaganda, and gathering and conspiring in order to disturb national security.Her sentence was later reduced to 2 years in prison.

She was also sentenced to 6 months in prison for anti-regime propaganda by publishing a writing from inside prison on the Student Day.

She is also serving a one year suspended imprisonment sentence.

Last Saturday was the first prison furlough after her arrest.

Leila Tavasoli who was on a 10 day prison furlough has also returned to prison to serve her sentence.

She is also daughter of Dr Mohammad Tavasoli, a senior member of the Freedom Movement Party, and niece of Ebrahim Yazdi, foreign minister of the Provisional Government of the Islamic Republic after the revolution in 1979 and the General Secretary of the Iran Freedom Movement Party.

Leyla Tavassoli was arrested at midnight on December 28th, 2009 at her residence in Tehran and was transferred to Evin prison.

Leila Tavasoli was sentenced to two years imprisonment during a 20 minute trial presided by judge Moghaieseh at Branch 28 of the Revolutionary Court. Her charges included “participation in the June 15th and Ashura protests ” despite the fact that she has denied attending the riots in Tehran,  and interviewing with BBC and Radio Farda as an eye witness to a citizen being repeatedly ran over by a police car. Tavasoli was sentenced to two years imprisonment based under Article 46 of the Islamic penal code. Shahram Faraji-zadeh was the victim deliberately ran over by the police car.



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