Mansoureh Behkish Arrested

16 , June , 2011

The Intelligence Ministry agents have identified her in the streets of Tehran and have transferred her to Evin Prison as a “special case”. There have been no reports as to her condition.

Mansoureh Behkish has held a memorial for the victims of the 1988 mass executions who were buried in Khavaran Cemetry along with families of political prisoners in the past several years.

She had been arrested twice recently for participating in the meetings of the Mourning Mothers. She had also been banned from leaving the country.

She had lost five of her relatives in prison and in the street confrontations by IRI agents during the 80s. Her brother in law Siamak Asadian, her sister Zahra and her brothers Mohsen, Mahmoud and Ali are among the victims.

She has the responsibility of taking care of her elderly mother.



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