Saturday, October 16, 2021

Masoud Bastani Beaten During Prison Visit with His Family and Briefly Hospitalized

3 , June , 2011

On Thursday, Bastani was attacked by the guards when he took a minute longer to say goodbye  to his mother during their prison visit. The prison guards attacked him and pushed him which resulted in his head hitting the wall.

The conduct of the guards affected the family to the extent that his mother fell unconscious and his wife Mahsa Amrabadi had a nervous breakdown and drop in her blood pressure.

Families of the political prisoners witnessing the event in Rajaei Shahr Prison began knocking the glasses in the meeting hall in order to object to the guards’ conduct.

In a phone call to his family, Bastani reported that he was briefly hospitalized after being severely beaten by a prison guard on June 2nd. He had undergone a CT Scan and transferred to another hospital since there was a possibility that he had suffered  injury to his head.

He was later transferred back to prison and became nauseous  several times due to the injury to his head.



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