Thursday, October 28, 2021

Massive Raid by Intelligence Agents on Homes of Baha’i in Sanandaj


Armed officers from the Ministry of Intelligence, on a massive raid of the homes of Baha’is in Sanandaj, searched and seized their personal belongings.

At 6 am on 19 December, officers  from the Ministry of Intelligence, carried out a systematic raid of the Baha’I homes in Sanandaj.

According to Human Rights House of Iran, the intelligence officers, who conducted simultaneous raids of several Baha’I homes in Sanandaj, after a massive search of these houses, went on to seize books, CDs, several laptop and desktop computers and many other personal items.

The news reports received by the Human Rights House of Iran further say that a number of intelligence officers had been armed during the raid and had clashes with the Baha’is of this city.

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