Medical furlough for labor activist Mohmmad Jarahi has been denied

Judicial authorities in Tabriz and the judge in charge of his court files have rejected medical furlough for Mohammad Jarahi who suffers from thyroid cancer.

According to CHRR, Mohammad Jarahi who is serving a 5-year prison term is suffering from thyroid cancer has been denied medical furlough despite the fact that for the safety of others, cancer patients who receive radiation therapy are quarantined for a week. The laws of the country stipulate that authorities are required to grant medical furlough to prisoners who are in need of treatment for their illness outside of prison.

In June 2011, Mohammad Jarahi was arrested along with Shahrokh Zamani and other left wing student activists in Tabriz. Jarahi who spends his second year behind bars, was handed a 5-year prison sentence for his political and union activities. Shahrokh Zamani received an 11-year prison sentence based on the same charges. After being illegally transferred from Tabriz prison to Yazd prison, Zamani now serves his second year behind bars at Rajai Shahr prison.

Source: CHRR

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