Mohammad Ali Amoori, who sentenced to death, deprived to meet his lawyer

Karoun prison officials on Monday, January 14th, refused Mohammad Ali Amoori’s meeting with his lawyer.

According to a report, while Dr. Ehsan Mo’azedi was going to meet his client Mohammad Ali Amoori, the prison officials prevented the meeting.

Branch 32 of supreme court under the administration of judge Reza Farajollahi and the other judges including Qaem Maqami and Lotfi, informed the death verdict of Mohammad Ali Amoorinezhad, Hadi Rashedi, Hashem Sha’baninezhad, Mokhtar Alboshokeh and Yabar Alboshokeh to their lawyers.

Banning their visit is considered by the prison officials without any reason and until now nobody is responder to the prisoners objection.

Engineer Mohammad Ali Amoori, born on 1978 is a weblogger and graduated of natural resources – fisheries and aquaculture from Esfahan industrial university, also one of the founders of Alterath student magazine which was publishing in Esfahan industrial university. He was also teacher in Rashir’s high-schools.

Source: HRANA

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