Mohammad Reza Pourshajari suffered heart attack in Karaj Central prison

Blogger and political activist Mohammad Reza Pourshajari suffered a heart attack on February 17 and was transferred to the infirmary at Karaj Central prison.

According to news provided to CHRR, three physicians at the prison facility by the names of Amjadi, Nejadbahram and Gholizadeh made requests for this political prisoner to be transferred to a medical facility outside the prison. They revealed that the prisoner has blocked arteries, which could result in cardiac arrest and his sudden death.

The head of Karaj Central prison has sent a correspondence regarding this matter to the prosecutor’s office and the prison judge but so far there has been no response. CHRR has previously released internal documents from Karaj Central prison revealing that the judiciary has undermined efforts for Pourshajari’s medical leave from the facility.

Mohammad Reza Pourshajari, political prisoner and blogger who wrote under the pen name Siamak Mehr is behind bars in Ward 7 of Karaj Central prison and has been taken to court 11 times. He endured 7 months in solitary confinement during his “temporary detention” and was subjected to brutal psychological and physical torture. He was beaten with electric rods, and tortured with mock executions prompting him to attempt suicide by cutting his wrists with his glasses, leaving scars as a reminder.

Mohammad Reza Pourshajari has provided CHRR with a letter from prison requesting lawmakers and attorneys to on his behalf file a complaint at an international tribunal against the government and judiciary of the Islamic Republic for his imprisonment and torture.

The letter along with another unpublished document is below.

I am lodging a complaint!

I Mohammad Reza Pourshajari, aka Siyamak Mehr, blogger for the blog “Gozareshe Khake Iran,” hereby request from honorable lawmakers and attorneys, to accept my gratitude for their efforts if circumstances permit to represent me in court. I give them my power of attorney to lodge a lawsuit on my behalf against the Islamic Republic of Iran and the judiciary of this regime in any suitable court of law in the United States, for my illegal arrest and severe torture, my 4-year prison sentence on baseless and ridiculous charges such as “propaganda against the regime,” and “insult” to an absurd concept called “Supreme Leader.”

The lawsuit is to condemn the opinions issued in the Islamic courts and to demand compensation from Iranian officials for my emotional duress and physical complications along with the losses endured during my prison term. In hopes that this action will condemn the oppressive regime of Iran and encourage other Iranians sentenced in the courts of the oppressive Islamic regime and victims of clergy crimes to also step forward and in this manner of lodging complaints in the courts of the United States of America, make a loud case that can be heard in the rest of the world.

Source: CHRR

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