Mohammad Vahdati Helan ; Elected representative of Bostan Abad

Mohammad Vahdati Helan ; Elected representative of Bostan Abad

Mohammad Vahdati Helan ; Elected representative of Bostan Abad – Biography of elected IRGC’s military representatives in the 10th Islamic Consultative …

Biography of elected IRGC’s military representatives in the 10th Islamic Consultative Assembly; the rebellious Basiji and the governmental scholarship of Turkish universities in the eighties


Iran Briefing          Mohammad Vahdati Helan was born in 1960 in Bostan Abad, located in East Azerbaijan. Along with the revolution and the founding of mobilization and Jihad, he started his activities as one of the active members of the revolution. Gaining overseas scholarships, he took part in the exam in 1983 and succeeded the acceptance of the Universities of Medical Sciences in Turkey.

Vahdati Helan kept following the “Overseas Follower Students of Imam’s Way” in Turkey. Due to his missionary activities in favor of Islamic Republic, during his years in Turkey he was always under the Turkish Police’s surveillance.
His act of propaganda in Turkey was against the laws and provided dissatisfaction of the university’s authorities to the extent that the university authorities of “Izmir” decided to dismiss him. Due to the various reasons, including advertising the revolutionary stands of the Islamic Republic, as well as failure to wear the formal dress of the university, he was expelled repeatedly from several classes at the university.
Vahdati was summoned and interrogated repeatedly to Turkish Security Organization due to distributing the books of Ayatollah Khomeini at the university and promoting the Islamic Republic revolutionary stands. Despite the previous warning of Turkish Police, he continued  the illegal acts in Turkey, holding out a funeral ceremony for Khomeini in a mosque In a city of Izmir,” Bayraqly”. Thereafter, police arrested the clergyman and accompanied students of the ceremony. As a result Vahdati escaped and lived in Turkey secretly for one month.
Finally in 1991, Vahdati turned back to Iran and based on his records in Turkey, he was entrusted the responsibility of Health Network in Bostan Abad. As far as he had the heading experience of Imam Reza Hospital, he constantly participated in the Parliamentary elections as a candidate since the 4th Islamic Consultative Assembly; however he was always the second elected person and failed to reach the Parliament.
He reached the second round of the 8th Parliament but in the second round he lost the election to his rival.
At the time when he was sent to study by the use of an official scholarship, his acts of rebellion during his studies outside the country could motivate more sensitivity about the circumstances of choosing the individuals for scholarships as well as the circumstances of choosing him for the scholarship. A sensibility that in case of cancellation and disclosure of three thousand and seven hundred illegal scholarships in Ahmadinejad’s government was pursued by doctor Reza Faraji Dana, the Minister of Culture and Higher Education in the eleventh government.
Instead of protecting, unfortunately pursuing the issue led the opposition of the 9th parliament’s members and ended to the impeachment and dismissal of the minister.  Shortly after dismissal of the minister, with a state ruling of the Supreme Leader, the investigation was halted at the ministry altogether.
The leader of the Islamic Republic in a dinner banquet ceremony with some of the academics had called addressing the issue as one of the most wrong reactions in the field of academic scholarship in recent years and said: “Such as the commanders of the Eight Years of Holy Defense, command the university students who are the officers of soft war, by a physical presence in this critical and deep struggle, as this field is also a holy war.”
More interestingly, during the investigating the scandal of the illegal scholarship, the ‘vice president of academics parliamentary faction, Hamed Ghader Marzi, announced: “ As long as we know, there are names of 10 MPs among the list of three thousand illegal scholarships that the Minister of Science exposed recently and more interesting to know that some of these representatives did not sign the  impeachment of the minister; the Ministry of Education has promised not mentioning their names in case of exposing the names.”
Darvish pour, a member of the Education Commission, had earlier said: “We already have the names but for some reasons, we are not going to expose any name. Of course, if the illegality of these scholarships is proved, there will not be forgiveness and safety; as the representatives are more required to respect and follow the rules.” According to him, in addition to the names of representatives, there are also names of the sons of some ministers and government officials of Ahmadinejad’s government on the list of the illegal scholarships that will be announced in due time.
Mohammad Vahdati Helan was nominated in the tenth round of parliamentary elections as an independent candidate and was elected as a representative of Bostan Abad in the 10th parliament.

Mohammad Vahdati Helan – Mohammad Vahdati Helan – Mohammad Vahdati Helan – Mohammad Vahdati Helan

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