Mohsen Aminzadeh, Ghorban Bezadiannejad and Mehdi Karimian Transferred to Hospital

26 , June , 2011

Mohsen Aminzadeh, former Secretary of the State Department during the reformist era, has been transferred to hospital. His family stated that he is suffering from blood pressure problems and since he has to take medications, hunger strike is dangerous for him.  The security forces have not allowed his family to get close to him at the hospital.

His wife stated that “the authorities are responsible for his safety; he has become extremely week since his imprisonment and we are concerned that a tragedy similar to what happened to Hoda Saber would occur.”

Ghorban Bezadiannejad, head of Mousavi’s Campaign, and Mehdi Karimian, political activist and Islamic National Front Member, are also in critical condition following the hunger strike.

They were first transferred to the Evin Infirmary and were later taken to a hospital along with several members of the security forces.

The individuals had gone on hunger strike in order to protest the deaths of Haleh Sahabi and Hoda Saber.




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